This page specially created to offer for sale my Octave Mandolin, custom made by Nikos Appolinio.
A one of a kind string instrument to fall in love with.
Apollo Octave Mandolin For Sale
$2,000 Created by Niko Apollonio, Luthier


Custom Octave Mandolin built by Nikos Apollonio, Luthier in 2015.
Like new, rarely played, kept in case with humidity maintained.
Hiscock lightweight case included.

$2,000,... will consider a respectable offer.

I tune is GDAE and could be GDAD for bouzouki style playing, but I prefer the octave mandolin. Sound is amazing with excellent sound and projection as it resonates impressively. Absolutely gorgeous and like new.

Please see more photos, details and measurements below.


Special Apollonio adjustable neck with screw to lower or raise action easily.

Body: Maine Spruce top, Bubinga sides, Ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, and button.

Specials: Rosette is turquoise Dorian inside Rosewood inlay and headstock has Apollo circle icon of turquoise Corian inside brass. Snowflake inlays with special seashell 3rd fret.
You can tune to GDAE for Mandolin tuning, or GDAD for Bouzouki tuning.
Length from the Nut to Bridge is 21-3/4” 
From Nut to Octave Fret (including the zero fret) is 10-15/16.
You can tune to GDAE for Mandolin tuning, or GDAD for Bouzouki tuning.
Length from the Nut to Bridge is 21-3/4” 
From Nut to Octave Fret (including the zero fret) is 10-15/16.

Length from the nut to bridge is 21-3/4”
From nut to octave fret (including the zero fret) is 10-15/16.
You can tune this to mandolin GDAE, or Bouzouki GDAD.

I'm not sure which actual size makes it an Octave Mandolin or a Zouk, It seems like there is much discussion on this, however, you can play this either way by tuning to GDAE for OM, or GDAD for Bouzouki.

Tuners: 18:1 tuning ratio, GOTOH SGS510Z Magnum lock-in Cosmo Black with matching S5 Contour button. So easy to tune as well as put on new strings. I added these tuners after I got it to simplify tuning strings in pairs. It is so easy now!

String Holder makes replacing strings so simple. It also has a handmade wooden bar attached with two screws to the bridge, which allows you to tweak the pressure on the strings as they travel over the bridge.

Pickup: K&K Pickup with bottom body strap button to connect an amp.

Width of nut - 1-1/2 inches
String span at bridge - 1-1/2 inches
Width of body across widest part of top in center - 13-1/2 inches
Width of body at bottom next to string holder - 3-3/4 inches
Width of body along side parallel with bridge - 3-5/8 inches
Width of body at side next to adjustable neck - 3-1/4 inches

Still, I remain in love with this instrument as it is one of the finest sounding string instruments in my collection. I’m selling because it sits in its case with humidity and I rarely play it. When I had this custom made by Niko Apollonio, I thought it would be one of the string instruments that I'd keep forever. Truth is, I'm just too small to play this without checking where my fingers are going and an Octave Mandolin is just too big for me.

I am only five feet tall, very petite and my hands are small and fingers short. When I play any string instrument, I almost never look at my fingers and instead allow my brain with no help from my eyes, to do the playing. The reach is slightly more than I’m comfortable with, so instead of just playing away and not thinking of much besides the melody, I have to constantly reach beyond my comfort zone to properly fret and monitor my fingers. Chords are pretty easy if tuned to GDAD, but I prefer melody.

I play mostly violin and mandolin which have very short scale lengths and I’m happy with that because I never look at the fingerboard. Given my situation, I will stay with regular size mandolins and violins and now offer this incredible instrument for sale. I will miss it, for sure and it was a wonderful experience custom ordering it with Nick Apollonio, luthier.

The sound resonates incredibly excellent, it is easy to play chords. The choices of woods are beautiful and the Maine Spruce offers such clarity.

I live on the East Coast of USA and will consider driving to meet you if you’re not too far from me.
Otherwise, shipping is the other option.

Please contact me directly.